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Acoustic Image

     The best guitar and bass amplifiers in the world.

Artisan Bass Works

     Remarkably comfortable handmade electric basses.

D'Addario Strings

     My favorite strings for archtop and electric guitar.

Sadowsky Guitars

     The best and most innovative new archtop guitars being made today.

Shuff's Music

     Middle Tennessee's leading full-line music retailer and teaching studio.



Frist Center For The Performing Arts

     Music In The Lobby features many top Nashville players.

Nashville Jazz Workshop

     Home of the Jazz Cave, Middle Tennessee's finest performance space.

Red House

     Franklin's premiere event facility.


     Outstanding food and music.  My favorite gig in Dayton, Ohio.



Klezmer Guy

     Thoughts on life, music, and landlording from Cleveland's Bert Stratton.

Nashville Musicians Association (AFM Local 257)

    I'm proud to be a union musician.