Kent grew up in a family of professional musicians, where the range of styles spanned vaudeville, big bands, classical, country, and church music.  His first performances were drumming for old-fashioned revival services. As a teenager he discovered the guitar, which quickly became his instrument of choice.


His performance credits include years of country, rock, and soul, but today he primarily performs and composes jazz and acoustic music.   His influences include Kenny Burrell, Ed Bickert, Pat Metheny, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Stan Getz, Paul Desmond, John Renbourn, Will Ackerman, and Muriel Anderson, to name only a few. 


Kent has been fortunate to work with many world-class artists in a variety of styles, such as Greg Abate, Hank Marr, Lincoln Berry Jr, Diane Marino, Stella Parton, Lucie Diamond, and Louise Mosrie.  He performs regularly throughout the Nashville area, both as a leader and as a sideman.